The Main Styrofoam Insulation Characteristics

Styrofoam insulation isn’t really a classification of insulation but a trade name. But the material is so popular that people often relate it with rigid insulation, quite like they relate the trade name Of Kleenex with tissues!

Styrofoam is the brand name of the products manufactured by Dow Company. It is considered as the best-known insulating material. You are most likely to have handled this product for making your flower arrangement or as a craft material used as a backing material for a homemade wreath. Will it surprise you to learn that the foam used for making cups, plates and even the packaging material is Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is basically a type of expanded polystyrene foam that has some very extraordinary characteristics. It has a closed cell structural configuration that enables it to acquire high value of R, a measure for insulation. It thus offers excellent insulation. This is a lightweight material that is water resistant too. Because of these properties it is a much-favored constructional material. You may already be aware that appropriate insulation surely helps you to reduce energy costs. That’s because the insulating material is able to block transfer of heat and drafts, thus keeping your house warmer in winters and coolers in summers.

The material acquires it strength from its rigid closed cell structural formation and can resist damages that may be caused by insects and water. That’s why it is popularly used for constructing the foundation of houses and for insulation of roofing and floors too. Very frequently it’s cut into sheets or blocks and is often referred to as the” blue board” in construction industry.

The durability of this product allows it to be reused, which certainly helps environmental issues. It’s among the most favored insulating material for domestic applications as the homeowners benefit by way of energy savings on using Styrofoam insulation. It will surely continue to remain a popular insulating material because of its inbuilt energy saving characteristics.

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